Ways To Reduce Inflammation

May 21, 2019

Ways To Reduce Inflammation


Remember when you were sick and had to take medication after which you felt a lot worse before you felt better? This is quite like that. You’d have to ask if feeling worse is one step in the healing process.

The human body is quite complex and there’s always something new to learn. For instance, when people suffer from diarrhea, it is, in fact, the body’s way of getting rid of whatever may be causing irritation in the bowel. While this is uncomfortable and inconvenient, it is, in fact, a healing process.

It is actually the same with Inflammation. When a part of the body is injured, in a bid to begin the healing process, inflammation occurs. Now you would ask if it is such a good thing and the body’s way of reacting to injuries or infections, then why are we trying to stop it? Well like every good story, whatever has a beginning must, in fact, have an end. When inflammation persists longer than it should, it causes more harm than good.

We could probably go on and on and try to educate you on why your body gets inflamed but you should know that the body is, in fact, self-cleaning. With the immune system, the body is equipped to fight any kind of disease or infection. All we do most times is to give it a boost.

It is quite easy to identify and monitor the process of healing when inflammation occurs especially when it is on the body. When however inflammation occurs on the inside let’s say with an organ like the liver, it is quite difficult to even understand what may be ongoing. The reason is this, there are some organs in the body that do not have sensory nerve endings. This means that even when they’re swollen, you will not, in fact, feel pain. This is quite scary because it could lead to a host of other problems.



Inflammation is caused by the immune system’s reaction to an injury or an infection as the case may be. These two are foreign to the body so the body reacts to protect itself. It takes quite a process which ultimately involves the release of white blood cells by the body. Chronic inflammation, however, could also be a function of your diet. This is however frequent with persons who are obese or those who have digestion problems.

As previously stated when inflammation tarries or becomes chronic, it poses a problem to the body as it intercepts with the body’s metabolism. It is, therefore, necessary to reduce inflammation and hasten the healing process. With every problem though comes a solution. Like a supply where there’s a demand. There are quite a number of ways to reduce inflammation.

WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION, Water Is Miracle, Hydration

Good Hydration

Some studies say that you should drink your body weight in water every day. However, water has a ton of benefits. Apart from helping the successful running of every process in the human body, it, in fact, clears the skin. Remember the cliché that says drink water and mind your business? Well, it is therapeutic. It cleanses the body, surprisingly helps to reduce memory and generally enhances full body wellness.

WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION, Daily Water Recquirement, Water Daily Intake

Regular Movement

All that your body knows or expects is for you to keep moving otherwise most of the organs are useless. From the brain to organs like the liver or kidney or something as unassuming as the spleen, they thrive on movement. Movement here does not categorically translate to exercise though this is good for you. Mobility here is basic, as basic as taking a walk or engaging in yoga. Basically, avoid sitting or lying down for protracted periods of time. Mobility enhances complete functionality that can, in fact, reduce the chances of inflammation. Let’s use an analogy here. When water is stagnant whether in a pothole or kept in a bucket for long periods of time, it breeds mosquitoes and becomes stale. This is what happens to the body when you are stagnant. Even patients in a coma need a machine to enable functionality because they cannot move on their own. It explains why mobility is needed for metabolism.

WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMATION, Benefits of Regular Exercise


The majority of health problems suffered by people can be traced to their diets. A lot of times we do not consciously monitor the things we put in our body and as such we use our hands to create health challenges for our bodies.

Certain foods taken in moderation will, of course, help the body but most times these foods are abused. Let’s look at sugar for instance, as much as it is carbohydrate and helps with the energy it can, in fact, cause so many different problems for the body when not taken in the right proportions that the body needs. To reduce inflammation, you need to watch what you eat. Reduce sugar intake and balance the body with vegetables,herbs, and fruits too.


Stress Reduction

When you are consistently stressed, your body goes into overdrive and inflammation is just one result possible. Stress increases cytokine activity in the body which aids inflammation. Over time the effects of stress can be worse. Try to improve your sleep quality and help your body to rest.

The body is tuned to awaken when the sun is up and sleep when it goes down. However, there are quite a lot of artificial lights that end up giving the body mixed signals. There should be a conscious effort at getting the right amount of sleep. No matter how much of a genius you are, some metabolic needs of the body cannot be kept at bay. In the most basic term, you cannot cheat nature. Sleep will greatly reduce stress and help you avoid inflammation.

The human body basically includes a series of controlled responses to every aspect of daily living. It is quite like garbage in, garbage out. Or like an Atm, you only get what you put in. To get the best from your body, you need to treat it right. While some reactions may be out of the blue, most of them are direct consequences of our actions.

 WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMATION, Stress & Sleep Deprivation

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