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Biomed Dark Circle Eye Serum

Our Dark Circle Eye Serum responds to the demanding needs of the skin of the eye area while remaining appropriately gentle and delicate.

The skin of the eye area poses multiple challenges for skincare. First off, it is definitively thinner and more fragile than other areas hence also more susceptible to environmental damage and inflammation. Additionally, it is at higher than normal risk of formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and becoming dry or dull. Besides, it battles with hyperpigmentation and easily breakable blood vessels. As much as all of the mentioned struggles may sound overwhelming, pH balance believes they should be addressed instead of ignored. 

BioMed Dark Circle Eye Serum offers an ultimate, rejuvenating, multi-tasking formula for all skin types aiming at all of the earlier mentioned aspects. It truly stands out, adding that it has a creamy, pleasant, serum consistency, leaving the skin soft yet nourished.

Focusing on the fortified fragility of the eye area, the skin there needs to be propelled to regularly produce more cells. Our Dark Circle Eye Serum possesses special keratinocyte - boosting substances like Haloxyl™ and Unisooth EG-28 to keep the skin around the eyes fresh and elastic. Additional smoothing, tightening and lifting effect is brought by Liftiss, another consciously selected ingredient. 

Dark Circle Eye Serum contains ingredients which target all sorts of discolorations coming from different origins:

  • red discolorations, resulting from dilated blood vessels in the area, visibly disappear thanks to Haloxyl™ and Unisooth EG-28 which effectively constrict blood vessels
  • dark discolorations, resulting from the accumulation of melanin in the skin, are efficaciously reduced not only by Haloxyl™ and Unisooth EG-28 but also by Biophytex.



What also contributes to alleviating discoloration, as it makes up one natural part of the inflammatory response, Dark Circle Eye Serum fights and prevents inflammation of the easily irritable eye area. Thanks to Unisooth EG-28, which inhibits inflammatory pathways, and a combination of antioxidants including Shadownyl™`, the skin around the eyes ends up soft to the touch, calmed and soothed. Besides, the mentioned antioxidant complex provides excellent rejuvenating benefits to the skin, exerting extraordinary anti-aging actions as well as bringing out the natural glow and brightness.




Moreover, the importance and vitality of preserving the lipid balance of the skin of the eye area should never be forgotten. Dark Circle Eye Serum, with the help of multiple ingredients including Shadownyl™, restores the natural lipid mantle of the skin, increasing its resiliency as well as making it well - moistured and softer. The local transepidermal water loss is greatly diminished what also contributes to preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin looks younger and bright for longer.

What is special about BioMed Dark Circle Eye Serum is that it addresses multiple struggles of the skin of the eye area with equally high efficacy. It secures it on various demanding aspects and promises eminent effects in anti-aging, moisturizing, soothing, restoring as well as improving both skin structure and tone. 









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