March 23, 2020

Our Q10 Intense Night Cream acts upon the antioxidative needs of the mature skin while offering richness, nourishment and moisture it deserves. Finding the right ultimate, complex care for mature skin can be challenging. Many formulas may only be focusing on some particular aspects of the present needs while disregarding the others - a product often ignites just tepid, in place of full, satisfaction. When creating BioMed Q10 Intense Night Cream we have thought of all the possible dilemmas the aging skin may face so that its users are completely, and not partly, happy about the results. 

The key ingredient of Q10 Intense Night Cream is Co-Enzyme Q10 - a substance that acts in the very heart of the multifactorial process of scavenging free radicals. Without it, the whole antioxidant machinery of the cell would be dramatically inefficient - that is how pivotal it truly is. For this reason, we could not have omitted adding into the formula for the most fortified anti-aging care. Except for having such an ace active substance on its ingredient list, Q10 Intense Night Cream has been enriched with other botanical, naturally obtained antioxidant extracts only to augment the already potent and extraordinary free - scavenging action it also contains;Bladderwrack Extract, Seabuckthorn, Blueberry Extract, and Beta Carotene.





Reducing oxidative stress of the skin is essential in mature skincare as this factor is responsible for most of such skin’s ongoing struggles. Free radicals, which increase the oxidative stress, disrupt the proper, healthy structure of the skin’s building macromolecules due to what the skin loses elasticity, firmness, and smoothness. It also becomes less resilient and more prone to irritations or infections.

To augment the structure promoting action, we have addedSeabuckthorn to the formula. This ingredient is known to dramatically increase collagen production as well as regulate its healthy course. The skin is firmer, stronger and more pleasant to the touch. Mature skincare would be nothing without appropriate moisturizing as aging skin gradually has higher and higher transepidermal water loss what entails the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 





In Q10 Intense Night Cream, we have combined the most skin-compatible moisturizing ingredients which perfectly fit into the naturally occurring skin’s lipid mantle. 

Jojoba Oil is actually a lipid wax instead of the typical fat found in regular cosmetics. In fact, the natural lipids of the skin consist to a great extent of the mentioned waxes that are often neglected in other formulas. Adding Jojoba Oil ensures the skin’s barrier repletion and amazingly soothes and smooths out the skin.

Shea Butter is excellently calming and nourishing itself as it teems with a plethora of nutritious vitamins to bring out the skin’s natural glow. Most importantly, it is indeed rich in vitamin E, or tocopherol, an immensely powerful antioxidant responsible for the overall skin’s health.

Avocado Oil possesses a unique composition of unsaturated fatty acids which also greatly contribute to alleviating irritation and evening out the skin structure. 





BioMed Q10 Intense Night Cream tackles every aspect of mature skincare - it provides necessary antioxidant, anti-aging, skin modeling, moisturizing and nourishing actions which together make up for the ultimate, rich product one dreams of.





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