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Hydrating Cleanser: Don’t Forget To Balance When Washing Your Face!

No matter what skin struggles you are battling with, it is crucial that you cleanse your face on a daily basis (best if two times a day as dermatologists recommend). Irrespective of whether you confront dry/oily/easily irritated/damaged skin problems, it is indeed imperative to wash off all the skin debris and impurities from the skin surface to ensure its long-lasting health. Before getting down to it though, another important thing is finding a cleanser which will non - selectively address your needs. That is why, having embraced every skin type and possible shortcomings that come with them, we have created a universal Hydrating Cleanser that caters to anything one’s skin may require. 


It might be interesting for you how a cleanser can be suitable for all skin types. We answer confidently: via gentleness and effectiveness of its ingredients. One of the main drawbacks which is often neglected yet also inseparable from cleansing is interfering with the natural pH of the skin. Many massively manufactured cleansing products strip off the skin’s protective barrier and increase the skin’s pH from 5.5 to more alkaline, unhealthy levels - at the same time they leave the skin more prone to irritation, damage and dryness. We have cared for that Hydrating Cleanser is delicate in the process - it is gently formulated and has a natural skin’s pH of 5.5.

One may have doubts here: “Why is balancing the skin’s pH so important?”. It is simple - the skin’s natural pH level, alongside its superficial lipid film, serve as the protectors of the skin. Together, they ensure the skin’s proper moisture, softness, consistency as well as resiliency. They secure the skin against the detrimental impact of environmental factors and pathogenic microorganisms hence prevent infections, irritation, increased oxidative stress and exacerbating the existing dermatological conditions. They support the natural healthy skin’s bacterial and fungal flora. Moreover, they are fairly interconnected and propel one another so if we make the skin devoid of its natural pH, we are also taking down its lipid protective barrier and flora at the same time. If one still asks at this point “Why is balancing the skin’s pH so important?” it is appropriate to say that if we don’t, it is like destroying a building and expecting it to rebuild itself on its own. 



Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, we advocate for the effectiveness of the ingredients. Hydrating Cleanser teems with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin which bind water molecules so that they do not evaporate from the skin surface. They make the skin soft, smooth and visibly hydrated. Additionally, a coconut extract can be found in our product - it possesses great amounts of restorative omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B, C, and E. The latter care for maintaining the skin cells’ proper condition, proliferation, and differentiation. Besides, they promote the building collagen’s production in the skin layers making the skin more firm and elastic.

In the name of transparency of our ingredient lists, Hydrating Cleanser is free of deleterious alcohol, parabens, preservatives, fragrances, dyes or gluten. The formula has been allergy tested, clinically proven and contains no comedogenic substances to guarantee its efficacy. 


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