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You must have realized the importance of PH balance skincare  products if you have used them. It is very important if your skin is wrinkled, acne-prone, dry and dull.

The most important criteria are the skin acid mantle PH. The acid-mantle is a defense system of the skin that works against bacteria, sebum and pollution. These pollutants & pathogens cause wrinkles, pigmentation and acne. By maintaining PH balance it helps to keep the acid mantle in a better position that prevents the skin problems.

Seven is considered as a neutral PH. Your ideal skin balance must be acidic. The 5.5 skin PH is perfect. This pH allows the acids to fight against bacteria to prevent the skin from acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. If your skin gets more neutralized by skin care products then your skin can have clogged pores. If your skin acid mantle damage occurs, then it disrupts the natural process of your skin.






On the other side, if your skin gets alkaline, many issues can occur. With the high PH, your skin can become very dry. If the acid mantle gets damaged then you can develop fine lines that lead to wrinkles. These are the signs of aging. Your skin pores react to the dryness by producing more sebum. This is one of the main reasons that you develop pimples.


The PH levels are different for every individual. The skincare products that are applied to the skin affect the PH balance. The cleaning of the skin is very important to remove oil and dirt. You must choose the right pH balanced cleanser. You must pick mild cleansers that are free of alcohol, harsh acid, and sodium laureth sulfate. These chemicals can create havoc on your skin acid mantle.








You must clean your skin in the morning and night. You are also required to have a balancing solution, toner. PH balancing tonerremoves oil and balances the PH of your skin. Pick the moisturizer according to your skin. If you feel oily after cleansing, then a water-based moisturizer is best for your skin. You will get benefit from the oil in the case of dry skin. Pick the sunscreen with an SPF to protect your skin acid mantle acne burst out, wrinkles and pigmentation. You can also use the peels to provide exfoliation to your skin. It helps you to make the color of your skin even.









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