July 27, 2020

Over the last few years, people have given up looking to chemically based products for skin care and have gone the natural way, making use of seeds, oils, and another other natural products that can be used in taking good care of their skin, and one of these natural products that can be used on the skin is sesame seed.

What are sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds are obtained from a plant called sesamum genus, they are tiny and edible. They have been in existence for over 3500 years and is considered by some as the oldest oilseed crop in the world. They are grown in Africa and India. They have a nut-like flavor, which is usually more pronounced when it's being roasted in low heat. They come in three colors, depending on the cultivar, they may be black, brown or white. 

The seeds contain a lot of oil, which is usually extracted for health and nutritional purposes and for hair and skin care 

Apart from all the numerous health and benefits the sesame seed and oil possesses, it also has a long list of benefits on the skin. 


Sesame seeds and benefits on skin



Benefits of sesame seeds on the skin.

Sesame seed oil carries fatty and linoleic acids, making the oil the perfect skin moisturizer, also the presence of vitamin E, D and B complex makes it very effective against scars and inflammation on your skin. Because of the properties the oil possesses many cosmetic companies add it as one of the major ingredients in their products. 



Some of the major benefits include: 


1: Repair of damaged skin cells: 

The sesame seed oil is thick and sticky, thus it could easily be absorbed by your skin, giving the nutrients enough time to work on your skin before it evaporates. Being a perfect moisturizer, it helps the skin retain moisture, so the damaged skin cells are exposed to just enough moisture to revive themselves. 


2: It works as a sunscreen:

Sometimes, we usually don't get the kind of protection we need from chemical based sunscreen, as some of them instead of protecting the skin from the sun, it comes with side effects. Sesame seeds naturally possess vitamin E, so they act as a natural sunblock, and moisturizing your skin too while it protects it from the sun. 


3: It is anti-inflammatory

Sesame seeds possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so they are very helpful in dealing with patchy skin, acne and breakouts on your skin and the face especially. 


4: Deals with skin dryness:

Sesame seed possesses fatty acids, making it a good moisturizer, so if your skin is experiencing dryness, the sesame seed oils will do justice to your dry skin by adequately providing for your skin the moisture it needs to deal with the dryness. 


Sesame seeds and benefits on skin


5: It has anti-aging properties: 

Sesame seeds possess anti-aging properties that are effective on the body even when they are eaten. The oil when used on the face, as part of its anti-aging process it deals with wrinkles on the face.


6: It has healing properties: 

Especially for people with cracked heels, the sesame seed oil helps in healing cracked heels when applied consistently on the affected heels overnight for three consecutive nights. It also helps heal breakouts on the skin, and continues the healing process to taking out the scars gradually until there is no trace of a previous injury on the skin.


Sesame seeds oil have quite an unpleasant smell, if you are unable to stand them, you can mix with other essential oils for use. But then again, it's oil and eventually the smell does evaporate. The application of the sesame seed oil is quite simple. For anti-aging, healing, and anti-inflammatory purposes, rub a generous amount of sesame seed oil overnight for a week and you'll notice the difference. For the repair of damaged skin tissues, you might need to massage your skin deeply with the sesame oil, to allow your skin properly absorb as much oil that is needed for the repair process to take place.



Sesame seeds and benefits on skin




It's always a good option to go natural when it comes to our bodies, because our skin is built in a way to react adversely to harsh chemicals. Having had the knowledge of the benefits of sesame seeds, you can now go ahead to get the sesame seed oil and use it for whatever purposes you so deem fit, knowing you will get good results and also no side effects.

Also, if you have a naturally oily skin, reduce the amount of sesame oil you make use of and if you need a product that contains all these natural goodness and more, you are the right place so check our gallery.







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