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That water is unique, faultless and the obvious lifeline of the universe is an understatement. Further, with so many uses, benefits, and functions, water is an important factor that can't be taken out of any equation. Whether that's staying hydrated to keep the skin lovely and glowing or to keep the body in great shape, water works its magic more than anything out there. 

Being a very large organ, the skin does face quite a number of conditions and challenges. From wrinkles to and rough surfaces to dull complexions. However, water can make your skin much better if properly used. Again, with fewer or no side effects, it's the best way to positively affect the appearance and condition of your skin. 



Here are 5 ways water can make your skin better:

  1. Water Limits Wrinkles And Facial Lines

You'd be forgiven to think every person you come across with smooth skin has a plethora of skincare products to choose from. But the reality is that staying hydrated with water does more to even out their skin thus limiting the appearance of wrinkles and other facial lines. Again, when you drink water in adequate proportions, your skin retains enough moisture which increases its elasticity. This helps your skin get back into shape no matter the facial expression thus resulting in fewer facial lines and wrinkles. 

  1. Water Helps Your Skin Heal Faster

Another way water makes your skin better is helping it to heal faster and properly. If you've ever experienced the pain caused by the odd sunburn or being exposed to something just as harsh, then you know how lasting the effects are on your skin. With water, you won't have to worry as much. All you have to do is drink enough to help accelerate the healing process. You'll notice improved results more so than other products can offer. What's more, using chemicals could make the affected areas form 'patches' that leave you developing uneven skin tone and complexion. 

  1. Makes Your Skin Tighter 

Aging is a common phenomenon among virtually all living things and that includes human beings but for others, the skin simply loses firmness even when they're relatively young. You can chalk that up to several factors however, many things come with an aging skin including lack of elasticity, sagging and more looseness. But with water, you can make your skin better because it slows down the effect of aging. Drinking water tightens the skin around your arms, stomach, jawline and other areas. Again, the elasticity of your skin will deteriorate slowly with an adequate intake of water. 




  1. Water Gives Skin Tissues A Boost 

There are tons of bodily tissues and cells that require water to work. Without them functioning properly, you can bet on your skin suffering from a lot of dryness and roughness. Also, with the surface skin cells lacking enough moisture, they become flaky and sore. This leaves you looking for ways to exfoliate (clean) your skin. Further, connective tissues and collagen which form the base of structural proteins found in the skin, need adequate water intake to function well. Your skin will have a more resilient outlook and feel to deal with any form of dryness or effects of aging. 

  1. Water Improves The Complexion Of Your Skin

As stated earlier, there are many skin conditions and challenges that often leave a negative impact on the skin. Acne and psoriasis are examples of such conditions that give the skin a dull and uneven complexion. If you're suffering from any of such conditions, it's important to note that water helps and should be your first port of call. This is because drinking water rids your body of toxins, helps to increase blood flow to your skin and keeps you hydrated. The result is a healthy complexion, skin tone, and texture. 






Final Thoughts 

Water is important and you only need to observe the various ways you lose it daily. Whether that's through urine, perspiration or breath, it's important to replace what's lost with the further intake of water. It could make all the difference between having a better skin or having one that you can't feel confident about. 


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