Sonic Beauty Brush

Why Choose Sonic Beauty Brush?

While other Facial Cleansing Brushes can be abrasive or simply just break after a few uses, your 3-in-1 Our Sonic Brush utilizes advanced micro-firming vibrations with soft medical grade silicone to cleanse, exfoliate and massage your skin in 60 seconds. This means a DEEPER CLEAN for your face and SMOOTH, BEAUTIFUL, GLOWING skin for you. Recommended facial cleanser brush by Dermatologist. 

Skincare on the Go

Always on the Go? The SMART Beauty Device is travel-friendly. Take the Sonic Beauty Brush with you and use it anytime and anywhere. Hassle-Free; no replacement brush heads or battery required.

Product description



  • Sonic Beauty Brush
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual 

Skin Types
The Sonic Beauty Device is optimized for all skin types including sensitive skin.

How To Use:
1. Use the front of the Sonic Face Brush with your favorite pH Balance Hydrating Cleanser to cleanse.
2. Adjust to desired speed settings. Press the center button once to turn on your Sonic Brush. Use the +/- buttons to select your preferred cleansing intensity.
3. Rinse with water.
4. Use the Skin Renewing Facial Day Moisturizer on the back of the Sonic Beauty Brush to massage for better absorption.


Ultrasonic Vibration Technology (UVT) makes this device up to 6 times more efficient than manual application.

It is gentler on your skin than a spin brush and gently cleans and gets deep into the pores to remove dirt, dead skin, oil, makeup residues, and blackheads. Delivering up to 9000 pulses per minute. Say goodbye to micro-tears & irritated skin, say hello to SOFT, HEALTHY skin.


Our brand new Sonic Beauty Brush increases collagen & boosts the flow of oxygen. It also reduces fine lines & wrinkles and restores skin’s firmness. On top of that, it diminishes acne, blemishes, blackheads. Moreover, it provides smooth skin texture and tone. Furthermore, it reduces pore visibility and skin redness.

Let the Sonic Beauty Brush gently exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells for a SMOOTH, GLOWING, YOUTHFUL complexion.


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