Skin Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation

Radiodermatitis   is the skins response to radiation treatments; early responses include painful red rashes, scaling and peeling of the skin or severe damage to skin cells. Effects may even appear months to years after radiation treatments and include sensitivity to the sun, delayed wound healing, pigmentation changes and fibrosis. Radiodermatitis can be a dose-limiting side effect resulting in cancer treatment delays or even cancer treatment cessation, as well as significant pain and limitation of usual lifestyle activities.

Chemotherapy can cause painful skin rashes, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, flushing or lesions.  Often the skin has an allergic reaction to chemotherapy medications causing these symptoms to occur. It is especially important that allergic skin reactions are correctly identified, since future exposure to the same drug could cause much more severe skin reactions.

PH Balance Skincare system offers the skin relief by hydrating, soothing and calming the skin from the aforementioned symptoms caused by Radiodermatitis.  Unlike some other treatment options pH Balance is full service product by reducing inflammation, relieving itchiness, hydrating skin, and restoring skin’s pigmentation while restoring confidence.