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The Importance Of Drinking Enough Water On Your Skin



Drinking enough water sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, many busy individuals do not consume enough water on a daily basis and even some children do not drink enough water. About 60% of the human body with made of water with various organs and parts containing a higher percentile.

 Imagine what happens to our body when we do not drink enough water on a regular basis, every part of our body needs adequate amounts of water to function. When you suffer from quick dehydration, you can experience palpitations, dizziness, diarrhea and more symptoms. These can happen fairly quickly during a rapid onset of dehydration.



 In other cases, when your body is always in a constant state of mild dehydration due to lack of receiving regular fluids, we'll see all of the same symptoms as when we discussed rapid dehydration but you'll also notice that over time, your skin will look less flexible, be dryer and look flaky.

 Not drinking enough water will also lead you to look like you aging much faster than you really are. You should drink about 8, 8-ounce glasses per day. It is even said that if you drink a little more every day, it will benefit your skin greatly.

 Remember to adjust the quantity of your water intake during hotter weather or while playing sports. The same applies when you are traveling by plane, always drink more water before and after traveling.


 All of the daily water consumption tips that we obverse have a greater impact on your skin than you could ever imagine, remember to stay hydrated and use a quality moisturizer such as our Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer.

 If you have difficulty to remember drinking enough water every day, try one of the following tips:

  1. Make a habit of drinking one glass of water every morning.
  2. Set 8 alarm alerts on your phone throughout the day and evening and drink one glass of water every time your alarm goes off.
  3. Create a water-drinking calendar and place it on your fridge door. Visualizing your water intake can help you create a better habit.


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