pH Balance Skincare is a skin-inspired brand. Our scientifically-proven products fuse the power of natural and organic ingredients in revolutionary pH balanced formulas designed to complement the skin.

Our carefully crafted skincare products unite the best nature+science to help you look and feel radiant, and are designed to complement the simplistic beauty of your everyday life. Our natural ingredients will help you feel balanced and well in your everyday lives. 


Most traditional skincare products often contain ingredients including exfoliants, plumping or brightening agents, artificial dyes and fragrances, sulfates and parabens can exacerbate sensitive skin issues.

In an effort to fill this void, pH BALANCE SKINCARE was conscientiously created free of harmful chemicals and irritants, and formulated with a pH that complements the skin, and with natural ingredients that soothe, hydrate and repair skin that is in perfect pH BALANCE. 


pH Balance Skincare began 30+ years ago when our CEO and founder, Aniko Peterson embarked on her rewarding Medical, Wellness, and Skincare career paths. 

When Aniko combined her personal health and quality of life challenges, with her knowledge of medicine, chemistry, and skin function, it became clear to her that there was an unfulfilled need for natural, healthy products formulated specifically to work in balanced harmony with our skin function, and the pH BALANCE SKINCARE brand was born.