About Us

 About us/our story

The story of pH Balance Skincare begins with the life and personal philosophy of the Founder and CEO,Aniko Peterson. Personal health and quality of life challenges fueled her lifelong commitment as health, beauty, and positivity advocate, and her mission to provide help and hope to the world. Today, pH Skincare offers a haven for individuals who wish to cut through the noise              and find natural skincare products that align with their ideals – whether it is the search for a cleaner, greener cream, or whether that is making peace with their skin – possibly for the first time.
Beauty: but at what cost?
The beauty industry is virtually unregulated. To some extent, it is legal for manufacturers to use chemically-laden ingredients or stuff that has never been scrutinized for safety.
Peterson’s zeal to change business-as-usual led us to create the purest, most nourishing skincare products that allow users to achieve beauty, balance, and optimum skin health.
Everything you want – and nothing you don’t
We highly value our products’ quality and have invested considerable time and effort in ensuring this. From the commencement of our production process, right to the time you are using our products, you can be sure that we have thought about you every step of the way.
Our products are packed with good ingredients and contain none of theirritants or harmful ingredients found in many cosmetic products.
Why choose pH Balance Skincare products:
- Clinically tested with significantly positive results and no adverse reactions
- Hypoallergenic and absolutely pH balanced for the optimal needs of healthy skin
- Good for everyone. Our products have helped customers as young as 1.5 years, to as old as 65 and beyond
- We place our trust in authenticity and experience. Yesterday and today, for a glowing, balanced skin tomorrow
- We value independence and intuition. pH Balance Skincare commenced from a journey of self-trust; thus, we foster that in our approach to encourage others to believe in themselves and their skin.
- Exemplary customer service. Fast Delivery.
Get your balancing act today
Experience for yourself the results of using these nourishing and clean products on your skin every day. Your friends will definitely notice, and your skin and body will thank you for it!