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With frigid temperatures and crisp, dry air, wintertime does not really make it easier for us to take care of our skin. As if the process was not already complex enough throughout the other parts of the year, the newest research has proven that seasonal structural changes of the skin only complicate the problem, especially when it comes to skin aging. In this article, we present you with some tips on how to be prepared for such hardships and have healthy, youthful skin irrespective of unfavorable winter conditions.


As the following months’ pass, the basic underlying mechanism of skin aging mostly stays the same. We can subdivide this process into intrinsic, or physiological, and extrinsic aging. The former involves gradually thinner, dryer skin with the subsequent formation of wrinkles and fine lines while the latter is influenced by detrimental environmental factors including e.g. solar UV radiation or lower air humidity. Both result in increased free radicals synthesis as well as the shrinkage of the skin’s exchange surface for nutrition supply what only further weakens the ability of cell proliferation and differentiation. At the same time, winter brings about additional dilemmas - by decreasing the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) skin level and causing structural changes, it makes the skin more prone to acquiring eczema, atopic - like dermatitis, rosacea or… skin aging-related features. There is a lot to manage at once.


pH Balance Skincare comes forward with effective, complex solutions to tackle winter - associated aggravated skin aging. It targets it on multiple fronts, keeping in mind all of the mentioned underlying mechanisms.


First aim: promoting healthy skin structure. 

Ingredients like vitamin C and retinol found respectively in BioMed Vitamin C Moisturizer and BioMed Retinol Complex, do wonders in this area. Vitamin C is known to be a direct collagen synthesis booster, supporting a healthy dermal scaffold while retinol advocates proper skin cell proliferation and differentiation. To maximize these actions, BioMed Vitamin C Moisturizer contains Kakadu Plum, the richest natural source of vitamin C and BioMed Retinol Complex incorporates two sources of retinol - Carciline® and encapsulated retinol.





Second aim: antioxidant care. 

Apart from the fact that vitamin C and A are potent antioxidants themselves, the BioMed collection has a product that specifically targets the oxidative stress - associated damage. The Q10 Intense Night Cream’s main ingredient, Co-Enzyme Q10 actively takes part in a chain of reactions that ultimately neutralizes detrimental free radicals. Moreover, it alongside the other BioMed products were enhanced with multiple flavonoids- and polyphenol-rich extracts, also of powerful antioxidant characteristics.




Third aim: the anti-aging care for the eyes. 

The skin of the eye area is particularly susceptible to anti-aging damage - it is the thinnest of the whole body hence wrinkles will form there pretty quickly. BioMed Dark Circle Eye Serum contains ingredients like Shadownyl™, Haloxyl™ and Liftliss of incredible smoothing, tightening and anti - lines properties as well as a plethora of antioxidant-rich extracts including Calendula Officinalis.




Fourth aim: body care. 

Let’s not forget about the body while pampering our face with the best ingredients! Our Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer will care for all of its winter needs. It contains deeply moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid. Their healing lipid profiles perfectly fit the natural lipid layer of the skin while they themselves are full of antioxidants, restoring substances including vitamin E - powerful free radicals scavenger and skin healer.






BioMed Retinol Complex

BioMed Vitamin C Moisturizer

BioMed Q10 Intense Night Cream

BioMed Dark Circle Eye Serum

Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer


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