Our Vision

I have been dedicated to helping people achieve beautiful, healthy skin- a simple, but incredibly important feat for many years. Having both beautiful and healthy skin has the potential to change your entire life. When you feel beautiful, you can achieve greatness. After a life changing event, I decided to dedicate my efforts to making every person feel beautiful. I live by the belief that giving is the key to happiness.

After receiving my diploma from Bajza Jozsef Gimna'zium College of Health as a General Nurse and Medical Assistant in 1986, I worked in the medical field where I continued my goal of giving. After coming to America in 2001, I began my healing career in medical massage and aesthetics. I opened a massage studio where I had the privilege of helping thousands of people achieve maximum wellness. I truly believe that when a person feels healthy and balanced, it will carry over into his or her everyday life. After a close friend of mine experienced harsh reactions from chemotherapy, I used my medical background to help any way I could. Through this help, I came up with a beautiful idea: pH balance.

Potential of Hydrogen, or pH, measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, 0 being the most acidic, 14 being the most alkaline, and 7 being neutral. Our skin has a natural pH balance range of about 4.5-6. Balanced pH levels are very important to the outer layer of our skin, stratum corneum, because it contains an acid mantle, which helps protect your skin from irritation and bacteria. Keeping the stratum corneum pH balanced is the key to healthy skin. The pH Balance SkincareĀ® System ensures that all products have a pH range of 4.5 to 6. This balance can change your dry, irritated, and compromised skin into beautiful, healthy, and moisturized skin.

As our company continues to grow, we will continue to live by this pH balance. Keeping skin moisturized and hydrated is essential to keeping it beautiful; simplicity is beautiful. The pH Balance SkincareĀ® products are revolutionary. Carefully crafted with natural and organic ingredients, our products are designed to complement the simplistic beauty of your everyday life. Our natural ingredients will help you feel balanced and well in your everyday lives. My team and I will continue to help our users achieve maximum wellness through these life-changing skincare products.