Our Mission

The “pH” in pH BALANCE SKINCARE stands for “Preferred Healing”, as this line is the preferred choice of skincare products to heal the unique skincare needs and concerns related to cancer treatments.

Through extensive study, the pH BALANCE SKINCARE Founder & CEO, Aniko Peterson, made several discoveries that highlighted the need for products specifically designed to treat the rashes, blemishes and burns that can occur due to chemotherapy and radiation:

  • There was a lack of natural, quality products for cancer patient’s skincare concerns
  • Traditional skincare products often contain chemicals, irritants or a pH not conducive to allow the healing and relief so crucial for the skin of these patients
  • Commonplace skincare ingredients including exfoliants, plumping or brightening agents, artificial dyes and fragrances, sulfates and parabens can exacerbate these issues.

In an effort to fill this void, pH BALANCE SKINCARE was conscientiously created free of harmful chemicals and irritants, with a pH that complements the skin, and natural ingredients that soothe, hydrate and repair, for skin that is in perfect pH BALANCE