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How PH Balance Skincare Treated My Severe Dry Skin

If you haven’t heard of PH Balance Skincare this is a great time for you to learn about them. I’ve tried their products for two weeks and my results were amazing.

PH Balance Skincare offers healing products treating a variety of moderate skin issues. Their products are formulated for anyone with psoriasis, eczema, rashes, or sensitized skin due to medical conditions or treatments that compromises the skin’s health, like chemotherapy.

I suffer from cold weather dry skin, winter dry skin, or maybe just generally dry skin. But whatever you call it, I get frequent dry patches on my legs and arms. Mainly during colder seasons. I try to use products with extreme hydrating ingredients to keep my skin moisturized.

Reactive Recovery Cream

PH Balance Skincare Reactive Recovery Cream is a treatment cream that relieves dry skin immediately. Here’s a before and after of how well my skin reacted to it.

Some key ingredients that contribute to it are aloe vera, avocado oil, green tea extract, and shea butter just to name a few.



When applying this on my legs I was amazed at how fast my dry skin became hydrated. Mind you, this was without me even exfoliating first. My skin immediately returned to its natural color.

My only issue with this cream is that it runs out really fast. So I wouldn’t suggest you use it as a daily cream. Consider the Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer.

The Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer is what I’ve used every day for the past 2 weeks after getting out of the shower. This one is a lot thicker than the recovery cream. But I notice it doesn’t leave any residue- thank God.



I applied it everyday especially in areas where I notice dry patches. These are my results just after a couple of days.

A few key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, shea butter, and sesame seed oil. So it makes sense how this product works so well.


Hydrating Cleanser & Shower Gel

This is by far the silkiest cleanser I’ve ever used. Although it has strong natural ingredients, it’s still suited for sensitive skin which is great. It doesn’t have any fragrance in it as well.

This cleanser has hyaluronic acid and I could feel it in the product. As you may know from my previous post, “These 8 Performance Ingredients Are The Secret to Perfect Skin, Hyaluronic acid draws in water and traps it in the skin. So my face didn’t get dry after rinsing it off. It actually did the opposite.




I’m really impressed. This cleanser is bomb. It has Omega 3, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E in it, making it amazing for cell regeneration.





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