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5 Spring Secrets for Stunning Seasonal Skincare Success

As the seasons change, so do the different aspects of your life. Each season brings a wardrobe change, coats and sweaters becoming shorts and blouses, and away goes the heavy bedding in favor of crisp sheets, and even your diet changes, with heavy soups and warm food giving away to fresh salads and fruits. So with all these changes, why should your skincare routine remain the same? As winter and that snow and cold get left behind in favor of spring, it’s important that you alter the way you care for your skin.

Get a Deep Clean

In the depths of winter, the last thing you want is to use cleansers that zap your skin and remove all that much-needed moisture. However, spring is meant for cleaning things out, and that can extend to your delicate skin. This is the perfect time of year to begin your gel and foam cleansers once again so that you can give your skin the deep cleanse that it needs. Moisturizers with exfoliating properties are the perfect way to cleanse your skin while also re-moisturizing it after that long winter. They usually use a calming and soothing formula that gently removes skin impurities while also reducing inflammation and preventing any irritation.

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Ditch the Drugs

Many women who are recovering from cancer treatments still have to take medications long after their treatment has ended. But cancer treatments can wreak havoc on your skin, and so can the pain management medications and other drugs they give you to help you through your treatment. Since spring is the time for fresh starts, you may want to consult your doctor about weaning yourself off of your medications, if that’s the best course of action for your health. To help your skin recover, recovery creams usually use natural ingredients, including Shea butter, avocado oil, green tea, and chrysanthemum extract, in order to help treat your irritated, itchy, skin. Use this sort of cream daily to heal and help your skin recover from cancer treatments and any skin side effects that are caused by medications.

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Switch Up the Shower Routine

Spring is an ideal time to switch up your shower routine. After all, you can now spend a little longer in the shower because you won’t be freezing! A new shower gel can help turn your shower time into a lovely spa experience. Shower gel can be used on both your face and body to cleanse, hydrate, and calm all your senses. Most shower gels contain coconut extracts and hyaluronic moisturizer, which can revitalize your skin so that it looks great in all those spring short shorts and tee-shirts!

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Follow a Daily Skin Ritual

Another way to achieve skincare success is to invest in a daily skincare ritual. Moisturizer can be used every day so that you always make sure your skin is alive and glowing. By having a skin ritual, you will never forget to wash off your makeup or apply that moisturizer. A daily ritual also helps your mind and body be ready for all those sunny spring days ahead.

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Stock up on Travel-Sized Beauty Products

One of the most exciting aspects about spring is being able to get outside and travel freely once again. But when traveling, you definitely don’t want to be carrying around all of your skincare products. So this is the time to stock up on travel-sized products. pH Balance’s travel packs will get you through five days’ worth of travel. Bring along their Reactive Recovery Cream or their Hydrating Cleanser so that you keep up with your beauty routine while on the road and as you enjoy spring!

By following these five spring secrets for stunning seasonal skincare, you can be sure that your skin is blooming just like all those spring flowers!





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